Mitch Dorrestijn

My name is Mitch Dorrestijn and i am a web developer from The Netherlands with a huge passion for creating modern responsive websites. I have worked for companies and clients in The Netherlands and did a international internship in Ahmedabad, India.

Currently i’m in school studying on a bachelor's degree in web technology at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

At the moment i have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP7, LESS, SCSS, SVG, JAVA, C++, UML, MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgresQL, Wordpress, React, Express, Node, Photoshop and Illustrator. Since im greedy to learn more this list will expand :)

In my free time i volunteer at Oldebroek voor Mekaar and Run For Joyce. I also like to expand my skillset, therefore i currently follow two courses, one in React.js and one in Object oriented design. From time to time i also publish creative content at Creative Market.

Mitch Dorrestijn


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